Monday, February 9, 2009

What did I get myself into?

January 2008

I’ve decided to join the ranks of bloggers. I need to keep a record of my life right now to get me through the meltdowns and keep my sanity intact while I work day and night on this book I’ve been writing and will be self-publishing.

I’m a 55 year old woman who has spent the past thirty plus years of her life in the food industry as an educator, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher and self proclaimed foodie. For the past three years, I’ve been working on my book FitDelicious: Lose the Pounds, Not the Taste. I’ve calculated that I’ve probably spent more than twelve thousand hours on research and development to date. I have a mission – to put the tools of my trade and personal weight loss experience in writing so that others can lose weight and be healthy, too.

In 2005, on the suggestion of some friends, I wrote a book proposal and sent it to some publishers and agents. Although I had a lot of knowledge about food and the food industry, they weren’t interested. Ever persistent, I sent it around again. I had business writing and teaching experience, but that wasn't enough; I wasn’t a celebrity so they didn’t think it would sell. For a while, I put it aside and focused on my consulting business but that was slow and the population kept gaining weight and I knew my book could help. Finally in frustration, the entrepreneur in me decided it was time to take the risk to fund and publish the book myself.

Then today, the idea of writing a blog about the experience and including some of the things I wish I could have included in the book, seemed like a great idea. In this blog, I will share the process of writing this book, including developing and retesting recipes, taking pictures, designing and formatting, hiring people to help me with the project, computer glitches, accumulating and reviewing research, and carefully editing everything. The blog will be about the trials and tribulations of losing weight, self-publishing, and being a self-employed, woman entrepreneur. I figure it should be compelling if you've ever tried to lose weight OR tried to do something on your own OR believed in yourself even when it felt like no one else did OR ran a business OR written a book OR been frustrated (does that cover everyone?).